Calculation of the terrace boards

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

Shape of the terrace F

Turning length Y2
Swing width X2

The length of the terrace Y
Width of terrace X

Length of the board L
The width of the board W
Clearance Z

Laying the board U

Terrace foundation G


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Calculation of the terrace boards

Enter the required dimensions in millimeters

F - Shape of the terrace
Y2 - Turning length
X2 - Swing width
Y - The length of the terrace
X - Width of terrace
L - Length of the board
W - The width of the board
Z - Clearance between boards
U - Laying direction boards
A - Aluminum lag
B - Consider the waste
G - Terrace foundation

The program features

Calculation of the terrace area.
Determination of the number of rows of boards.
Calculation of the required volume of the terrace boards.
Number of aluminium or metal.
Depending on the grounds and terraces calculator calculates:
Calculation of the required number of rubber pillows, mounting clamps, screw piles and footings Support.
Calculation of the number of profiles for the support frame.

For calculation, you can
Change the direction of laying the terrace board.
Set the shape of the terrace.
Change the length and width of the Board.
Install a gap between the terraced boards.
Use of aluminium or metal. Select the basis for the terrace.

Generated charts and drawings
General drawing of the terrace with the dimensions and direction of the laying of the board.
Scheme of the supporting metal frame.
Layout plan for aluminum or metal lag.
Arrangement of supports Support.
The scheme of arrangement of screw piles.

Screw piles and supports Support

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