Calculation of sliding door wardrobe

drawing scale 1:

Rack height Y
Cabinet width X
Cabinet depth Z
Height of a socle C

Body material W
Partitioning material V
The Size Of The F

Partitions P

The distance from the top of the H

1 section


2 section

3 section




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Method of calculating materials for sliding door wardrobe

sliding-door wardrobe wall cabinet

Specify dimensions in millimetres

Y - Rack height
X - Width
Z - Depth
C - workpiece height Cap
W - the material thickness of Cabinet
V - the material thickness of the internal components
F - distance for inline doors wardrobe

P - the number of vertical partitions
A - Regiment of the mezzanine which sections is
H - the height of the shelving mezzanine

Specify the width of the sections of the Cabinet.
The width of the last section of the Cabinet will be determined automatically.
Select number of shelves per section.
Specify the height of the shelves.
The distance from the floor to the shelf will be determined automatically.

G - show dimensions on drawings
N - show numbering details in drawings

As a result, the program will calculate the

the total area of Cabinet materials
the total area of the walls of shelves and Cabinet materials
material size back wall
will show the general appearance and drawings Cabinet
the number and the location of the mounting holes (In addition to the holes between the CAP and the floor Cabinet)

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