Calculation of ladders for three missions and Rotary stages

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

The height of the opening Y
The length of the opening X
Width of stairs E
stage A
stage B
stage C
Rotary stages P
The thickness of the steps Z
Protruding edge of the steps F

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Calculation of ladders with three spans and Rotary stages

Enter the required dimensions in millimeters staircase to second floor ladder 180

X - aperture width of stairs
Y - The height of the opening
E - Width of stairs
F - Ledge steps
Z - The thickness of the steps

step ladders A - Number of steps on the upper bowstring
B - The average number of steps a bowstring
C - number of treads on the bottom closed
P - Number of rotary stages
staircase flooring SP - Determine the position of the first degree relative to the level of the floor of the second floor.
In the first situation of upper stage located at the level of the floor of the second floor.
In the second case, the floor of the second floor is the last step. The height of the stairs will be proportionally reduced

The program automatically calculates the height and width of steps, the angle and the dimensions of the upper, middle and lower strings.
For optimal convenience stairs change number of steps.
You can generate a black and white or colored drawing.

Stair width is the width of the stairs swinging site.

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