Calculation of ceramic tiles

drawing scale 1:

Specify dimensions in millimetres

The width of the tile E
Tile height F

Room length A
Width of room B
Height of the walls Y

Subtract the field width and height

Subtract from the wall A1 A2
Subtract from the wall B1 B2
Subtract from the wall C1 C2
Subtract from the wall D1 D2

The cost of the tiles for 1 meter2 H
Work for 1 meter2 Z


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Calculation of ceramic tiles

Specify the desired size tile and bathroom

E - The width of the tile.
F - The height of the tile.
A - Length of the bathroom.
B - The width of the room.
Y - The height of the wall.
Ceramic tile
From the walls, you can subtract the area that will not get off with ceramic tiles.
It may be the door to the bathroom wall for the shower or the bath seat.
These areas are listed separately for each wall.
As a result, the program will calculate the size and quantity of ceramic tile or porcelain.
The results are displayed for each wall separately and together for the entire bathroom.
The length of all seams to estimate the number of grout.
Dimensions of the seats without finishing.
The length of the plinth, bearing seats without finishing.
The perimeter walls.

Scheme of the walls of the bathroom

In the drawing in the calculation is approximate scheme of facing, separately for each wall.
Dana scheme for Visual assessment of laying and cutting tile.
This will help determine how the stowage, quantity of waste.

If you specify the price of the ceramic tile and the cost of its installation, the program calculates the approximate cost of bathroom renovations.

Note that buying a tile is better with a little stock.
Especially if you'll be facing yourself.
Products in various parties may vary slightly in color and pattern.

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