Schematic of the stairs

Drawing turning-speed

Drawing Template stages

Drawing the bowstring

Deviation from the formula for 12.5%
  • We recommend reducing the number of steps more on 1
  • The lack of depth of step: 260 mm
  • Recommend increasing the protrusion F on 20 mm
  • Convenient staircase inclination 36.9°
    An Inconvenient ladder

    Initial data
    The height of the stairs 2520 mm
    The length of the stairwells in the plan 1850 mm
    Width of the track 800 mm
    Stages in the upper span 5
    The average flight of stairs 2
    Stages in the lower span 3
    Rotary stages 6
    The thickness of the steps 50 mm
    Ledge steps 50 mm

    The calculation results
    The length of the upper bowstring full 1574 mm
    The length of the front of the upper bowstring 1313 mm
    The average length of a bowstring full 1049 mm
    The length of the front of the middle of a bowstring 788 mm
    The length of the bottom Stringer full 1311 mm
    The length of the front of the bottom Stringer 1050 mm
    The thickness of a bowstring 196 mm
    The distance on the bowstring between prosaws on stage 263 mm
    The angle of the stairs 36.9° from the floor

    Depth steps 260 mm
    Step height 158 mm
    The height of risers 108 mm