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Calculation of a rolled lawn

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Calculation of a rolled lawn

Enter the required dimensions

Y - Length
X - Width of the track
A - Roll length
B - Roll width
C - supply, stated as a percentage
V - the weight of one roll is in kilograms

Select the direction to show in the drawing.
For the calculation of the costs you can specify price per roll and the cost of its installation.
Build on your lot beautiful smooth lawn help modern and comfortable rolling lawns. This herbaceous cover that is sold in the form of rolls of turf with the seeds placed in a lawn grass.

Typically, firms selling rolling lawns, offering assistance and in their styling. But, having some knowledge, you can do this work yourself.

Our program will calculate how many rolls of the lawn is necessary in order to create a smooth grassy cover for your entire site. Everything you need to know for this is the size of the plot and one roll of lawn turf, as well as the percentage of your desired stock. Using this information you can calculate the number of rolls that you would need, and their probable cost. Then all you have to do is buy and lay your lawn in the garden or on the front lawn.
Landscaping with their hands-it's easy.


Note that the percentage of stock shall be 5 per cent for the average lot size and lot with 10 for flower gardens, flowerbeds and garden paths.

Before proceeding to the installation of the lawn, you need to prepare. The need to remove all dust, stones, remove weeds. The soil will have to handle the special chemicals and align. After this is drainage. At the end of the preparatory phase of the lawn is filled with fertile land, and one week before the expected styling udobrâetsâ. Before laying, lawn, if the ground is too dry, moisten it.

Now the lawn can be stacked. This should be done no later than 72 hours from the moment when the lawn has been cut from the field. Or, if this is not possible, you should deploy the sod in a shady place and periodically its water to the surface.
Do not fold rolls on each other more than 4 layers. Even good lawns too big load. is contraindicated
Remember, it is desirable to lay the turf at one time. This will create a smooth homogeneous surface.

The best time for turf is considered the beginning of autumn or spring. But it is important to remember that the earth should not be in this time on frozen or too wet.
Sod begins closer to the place where it is difficult to store. Putting your lawn only in a straight line. If necessary, cover the areas of custom form complex places are specially cut out chunks of turf from the stock.

Each series meet the need to start and finish with a full plate, or piece that would fit at least half of it. The remaining small pieces put into the middle of the series, but not in the province.
After completing each series lawn stamped. In the formation of bumps or depressions should lift the turf and smooth out the surface underneath. After the lawn again stamped.

The ranks are offset to each other like bricklaying. It is important to ensure that the plate of turf were densely pressed one to another, but do not overlap.

Walk on the just laid however is not recommended.

Lawn care

After the installation is complete, you must fill in the lawn space in seams special blend. The composition of the mixture depends on the type of soil you have on your site.

Laid lawn to good to shed water. On each square meter will be not less than 15 litres. During the subsequent weeks daily lawn watering is also required.

After about a month of grass roots will grow together with the basis on which had been tiled with turf, lawn and landscaping will be lasting.
Already after a couple of weeks after laying the grass can be cut. This should be done across a direction of its styling and cut only the very top of the blades. The last time the lawn is usually cut in September.
In the spring, after the Earth and fertilize lawn'm thawed cut again, but then again only the tips of cutting blades.
In the warm season lawn should be watered about every 10 days.

zhitov Author of the project: Dmitry Zhitov
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