Dimensions in terms of one-half of the main roof.
Dimensions in terms of one-half of the main roof.

Initial data
The width of the rafters 150 mm
The thickness of the rafter 50 mm
Overhang for the main roof 500 mm
Width of the main roof on the walls 6000 mm
The height of the roof started to skate 3000 mm
The length of the main roof (skate) 6200 mm

The size of the main roof
Leaf height main roof 4950 mm
Web width (skate) 6200 mm
The area of the main roof 30.69 (61.38) square meters

Rafter length 4950 mm
Number of trusses 11 (22)
Amount of material rafters 0.41 (0.82) cubic meters
Number of rows of boards lathing 25 (50)
The volume of boards lathing 0.58 (1.16) cubic meters or 26 (52) pieces of 6 m
Number of main roof material roof 36 sheets
2.5 series 7 leaf width on each half
Underlay material (asphalt, roofing material ...) 62 square meters
Ruberoid 5 rolls (to 15 square feet per roll) or asphalt 4 rolls (to 20 square feet per roll)
With overlap 10%

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