Drawing affect Foundation
Drawing affect Foundation
Foundation post
Foundation post

The upper part of the pillar 0.038 m3
The amount of grounds 0.025 m3
Total posts 0.063 m3

The distance between the posts horizontally 1450 mm
The distance between pillars is vertically 1433 mm
The number of Foundation poles 20 pieces

Concrete volume of all posts 1.257 m3
Volume of concrete grillage 0.606 m3
Total volume of concrete 1.863 m3

The length of the fixtures in one post 4.2 m
The amount of steel poles 84 m
Length of reinforcement in rostverke 84 m
The total length of rebar 168 m

The total weight of the valves 149.08 kg

Cost of building materials for the Foundation

The required number of bags of cement per 50 kg: 13.04. (or 652.05 kg)
The cost of cement 2608.2

sand 1630.13 kg
The cost of sand 489.04

Gravel 2347.38 kg
The cost of gravel 938.95

Room fittings 2981.6

Total: 7017.79

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