Deviation from the formula for 31.4%
  • Suggested to increase the number of stages more on 3
  • Sufficient depth of step
    Convenient staircase inclination 34.3°
    Relatively comfortable staircase
    Schematic of the stairs
    Schematic of the stairs

    Step scheme
    Step scheme

    Drawing Template stages
    Drawing Template stages

    Drawing the bowstring
    Drawing the bowstring

    Initial data
    The height of the stairs 2500 mm
    The length of the stairwells in the plan 3000 mm
    Width of the track 800 mm
    Number of steps 10
    Ground instead of 4 stage
    The thickness of the treads 50 mm
    Tread Overhang 50 mm

    The length of the upper stringer 2663 mm
    The length of the bottom stringer 1775 mm
    Distance on the string between the gash under the stage 444 mm
    The angle of the stairs 34.3° from the floor

    Step size
    Step height 250 mm
    Depth steps 417 mm
    The height of risers 200 mm