Schematic of the stairs

Step size




Match formula facilities
Sufficient depth of step
Convenient staircase inclination 39.8°
Comfortable ladder

Initial data
The height of the stairs 2500 mm
The length of the stairwells in the plan 3000 mm
Width of stairs 900 mm
Number of steps 13
The thickness of the steps 50 mm
Ledge steps 50 mm

The length of the stringer 3812 mm
The distance from the beginning of the bowstring to the first pylon top 56 mm
Step fastening supports 300 mm
The amount of material for bearings one bowstring 2240 mm
The angle of the stairs 39.8°

Step size
Step height 192 mm
Depth steps 281 mm
The height of risers 142 mm
Area at all levels 3.285 m2